Beacon’s Vision / Mission

Beacon's Mission is to provide innovative consulting services and advice that save time and improve the way our clients do business.  Our cutting edge internet marketing tools are instrumental in supporting our efforts to grow our client’s sales by creating marketing programs that continually produce qualified leads.


The Beacon Sales & Marketing Team offers many years of experience. The initial meeting will allow us to find out if YOUR needs and OUR services are a good match.

NOTE: We also belong to one of the largest network of marketing professionals in the world. If we don’t have the specific talent that you need in-house, we will be able to provide you with valuable referrals.

Principle Consultants

Bob Meyer
CEO & President


Mr. Meyer created Beacon Sales and Marketing in 2009 to support the sales and marketing efforts of small and medium business (SMB) organizations in Southern California.  Mr. Meyer’s extensive sales and marketing experience combined with his knowledge of cutting edge internet marketing tools is the driving force behind Beacon’s growing recognition as an invaluable partner for businesses looking to expand and grow their revenues through marketing and sales efforts in a very efficient and cost effective manner.

Angela Meyer

With her 25 year’ s career as a key member of Financial and Operations Management Teams and business executive in small and mid-size US and International companies, Mrs. Meyer brings her unique set of analytical skills to the Beacon organization and its clients. Her extensive operational, financial and managerial experience allows her to understand a business organization in its entirety and identify a company’s needs and areas of improvement.  Set up new businesses, reorganize departments, streamline processes, create standard operating procedures for new and existing companies, are just some of Ms. Meyer’s areas of expertise which Beacon’s clients can benefit from.  

(Bob Meyer, President of Beacon Sales and Marketing):

Throughout the years I have interviewed thousands of local small and medium size business owners; When asked what they needed the most they all brought up the same point: they have no time to find prospects.


We have been using Beacon for the past 3 years and the marketing strategy for our monthly business newsletter has proved quite effective with our existing customer base. We also have utilized them for promotional products that we give out to our existing clients and we are extremely pleased with their ideas, patience and follow through to the very end.

Quinn Connolly 
Copious Insurance Solutions

Beacon Sales and Marketing’s set of email marketing tools produces a quality monthly eNewsletter thatour clients enjoy receiving every month and provides us with valuable marketing insights into our customer’s business needs.

Robert Williams
Williams Accountancy

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